Each character is allowed ONE of the Gifts of the Spirit:

1.) Wisdom
Ability to lean towards the better of two difficult choices. Often looks like self-control and delayed gratification in real life.
2.) Knowledge
The memory and ability to recall certain facts. Looks like someone who loves to research and delve into subjects with a great focus.
3.) Healing
Basically a medic skill. In real life could be an actual gift for helping people who are physically hurt, but more often entails the use of encouragement and good listening to help heal someone whose soul is hurting.
4.) Miracles
With full Faith + Prayer skill throws, this throw may allow for miraculous deeds. In real life you might experience this as instances of exceptional intervention, timing or just blatant miracles.
5.) Prophecy
Visions, of what can become, or should become, or should not become. In real life, manifests like someone who seems to get a bit of an advanced warning about certain courses of action, without any apparent rational reason.
6.) Discernment of Spirits
An IR-vision-like function on the Helmet of Salvation. In real life: Reader of people.
7.) Tongues
Different languages of this realm. In real life: Gift of pitching your message at different audiences effectively.

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