Saturday, September 22, 2018

First Game: Are you ready?

Prepare to play Saint's Quest

1.) Scriptural Readings: Break the first three chapters of Matthew into halves. Read one half per day. You must aim to have read Matthew 1-3 before we play on Wednesday.

2.) Prayer: Keep a log of your prayer life. At least 10 minutes of prayer a day. This can include:

- Normal 'talking to God' prayer.
- The Rosary
- The Jesus Prayer

3.) The Simulator Question: Watch Father Mike's video on Prayer.

Be able to explain it on Wednesday. Just the main points. You don't have to go into great detail.

4.) Keep notes on Righteousness. How well did you follow through on your faith during the week?
What was main victories. Defeats?

5.)  Look at the GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT sheet. Pick the one you think you most likely have received from the Holy Spirit.

6.) Have profile sheet, dice (two six-sided dice), pencil and eraser ready.

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