Wednesday, February 27, 2019

PREP FOR GAME 21 Ash Wednesday

There will be NO SAINT'S QUEST this Ash Wednesday!

Put all your focus on this special day.

That means you have extra time to prepare for the next week's quest:

1.) Scriptural Readings: Break chapter 10: 14-32 of THE PROVERBS into small chunks.
Read one chunk per day. You must aim to have read them before we play on Wednesday. There is A LOT of wisdom in these passages, so read carefully.


2.) Prayer: Keep a log of your prayer life. At least 10 minutes of prayer a day. This can include:

- Normal 'talking to God' prayer.
- The Rosary
- The Jesus Prayer
Remember to rate how focused you were during prayer. If it was good, it counts as a full 1, if it was so-so, give yourself a half, and if you were not focused at all, a 0.

3.) The Simulator:

Watch Father Mike's video on Picking a thing for Lent

Question: Name the two kinds of 'bad Lent sacrifice choices' we often make. How does one go about picking the right Lent sacrifice/discipline? What will be yours, this Lent?

4.) Keep notes on Righteousness. How well did you follow through on your faith during the week?
What was main victories. Defeats?

5.)  Going to Mass: If you received the Eucharist during Mass you have your soul fully restored. If you are prevented from receiving the Eucharist because of a mortal sin, well, then... get off your behind and go to confession!

6.) Have profile sheet, dice (two six-sided dice), pencil and eraser ready.

7.) Get some cool battle music to listen to (in the background) for next time. Movie soundtracks like Brave Heart, The Lord of the Rings, Inception etc. work really well.

My choice to follow God's will, His strength to get me there. This is how we attain holiness.

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