Wednesday, April 24, 2019

PREP for GAME 26


NO TESTS, NO SIMULATOR SMALL GROUP DISCUSSIONS. We just finish the sheet and start playing, from start to finish only one hour.

1.) Scriptural Readings: Your daily readings will be readings from the Daily Missal. You can get them electronically from this link:

(For those guys who struggle with reading, it is also available as an audio recording. If you sign up these readings will just go to your email. IF YOU GO TO DAILY MASS YOU WILL GET THESE READINGS AUTOMATICALLY!)

2.) Prayer stays the same: Keep a log of your prayer life. At least 10 minutes of prayer a day. This can include:

- Normal 'talking to God' prayer.
- The Rosary
- The Jesus Prayer
Remember to rate how focused you were during prayer. If it was good, it counts as a full 1, if it was so-so, give yourself a half, and if you were not focused at all, a 0.

3.) The Simulator: From our skateboarding-Cloak-of-Zeal-priest, Father Mark Goring. His video is entitled: Catholicism Lite

Question: Do you really want to be a saint? What kind of Catholicism will you need to get you there?

4.) Keep notes on Righteousness. How well did you follow through on your faith during the week?
What was main victories. Defeats?

5.)  Going to Mass: If you received the Eucharist during Mass you have your soul fully restored. If you are prevented from receiving the Eucharist because of a mortal sin, well, then... get off your behind and go to confession!

6.) Have profile sheet, dice (two six-sided dice), pencil and eraser ready.

Refitted for closer knowledge, so that the image of God who created him was his pattern (St. Augustine 'The Confessions')

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