Thursday, June 20, 2019

The End... (for now)

Dear Saints-in-Training

It has been a pleasure watching you grow on the path of holiness this year.
Somehow you all survived (which was, of course, a lovely surprise!)

Keep your spiritual armour in excellent condition this summer.
You know the drill:

1.) Daily Scriptural Readings

2.) A disciplined prayer life (this is your soul's re-orientation, back to God!)
      - remember to pray for others (Saints-in-training, by definition, serve!)
      - ask for the intercession of the saints (remember this video:)

3.) Don't miss Mass! (Just... don't. Every week you have the opportunity to be in the King's actual, physical presence.)

4.) Do go to confession! (Repair the Breastplate of Righteousness, and restore your Soul Health)

5.) Know your Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit (Use it, or lose it. Don't be like: "I am just going to hide this gift/fruit till Jesus comes back". That story does not end well! )

6.) Be a Righteous Dude! (Your life does not belong to you. You belong to the Creator. Act the part.)

7.) Be a Band of Brothers (keep in touch with your Catholic kin, your brothers-in-arms)

It has been a pleasure to host Saint's Quest this year. I hope to challenge you guys with some amazing adventures and missions in the year to come. 

God bless.

Eben (some people call me Star Lord, but, you know, it's no big deal...)

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