Saturday, September 9, 2023

Hold the Line!

 We have three teams:

The Rangers - our most experienced team.

The Reapers - the regulars, who have come into their own, showing their worth under pressure.

The Marines - the fresh blood, probably also soon-to-be-bleeding, but bright eye and bushy-tailed, full of dreams of heroism and valor.

All three teams are pinned behind the Prayer Wall, stuck in the Sanctuary, the last Christian outpost in the War Realm. Outside the Sanctuary the Lost Souls roam in search of meaning. Amongst them unspeakable terrors lurk, looking for fresh souls to devour.

Lillith has recovered, but who will take Salvadore Benson's place as Leader of the World? (btw: RIP 'Baby' Joe).

What will be your contribution? How will this tale play out? It is up to you to be the best Catholic you can be. Otherwise, you might as well give up now...

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